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Fighting Aids through Video Games

Warner Brothers recently created a PC game that teaches Kenyan kids about HIV prevention. Players guide the characters through various missions and games, and along the way, make decisions about whether to have sex and whether to use a condom. They are trying to make the message stick by trying to relate its story to players’ real lives. Characters listen to popular Kenyan hip-hop, play soccer, and wander through neighborhoods that look like Nairobi.The game is currently being tried out at three test sites in Kenya, and behavioral psychologists from Emory University are studying the results to see if it helps reduce the risk of HIV. If it works, Warner Brothers may bring the game to more countries, altering the characters and the scenery to fit the locale.Image

McDonald’s Video Game

Your objective in this complex strategy game is to make money in big corporation like McDonalds is. Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you must learn to manage. McDonald’s manages production in different parts of the world. In this game you have to supervise all the four sectors: Agricultural section, Feedlot, Fast Food and Headquaters. The game tries to teach its players the process that the company goes through to carry out its everyday processes. The game is trying to list the difficulties that the company faces when preparing for its everyday routines. Different sectors face different problems. From management to the people working in the actual restaurants, being an employee or owning one of these companies requires attention to detail. The game makes this point by letting players participate in the everyday routines that the different levels of management go through. Do you think you could work here? If so what position do you think would fit you best and why?Image




Mcdonald’s emblem for its video game

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